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Monolingual glossaries English-English / Einsprachige Glossare


Agriculture / Farming / Forestry
Landwirtschaft / Forstwirtschaft

Glossary of Agricultural Terms (USDA - United States Department of Agriculture / National Agricultural Library) – Glossar Landwirtschaft (EN-EN)

Agriculture Terms & Definitions (adapted from the USDA - University of Maryland / Maryland Cooperative Extension) – Begriffe aus der Landwirtschaft - PDF-Datei (EN-EN)

Glossary of terms related to the Common Agricultural Policy (European Commission / Agriculture and Rural Development) – Glossar Landwirtschaft und ländliche Entwicklung (multi)

Glossary of Australian Agricultural Terms (NSW Government / Department of Primary Industries) – Glossar Landwirtschaft - PDF-Datei (EN-EN)

Webref - Glossary of agricultural terms and definitions of terminology related to the science of agriculture ( – Glossar der landwirtschaftlichen Begriffe / Terminologie der Agrarwissenschaften (EN-EN)

General words for farming, and types of farming - synonyms and related words (Macmillan Dictionary) – Glossar Landwirtschaft (EN-EN)

Farm World Agricultural Glossary ( – Glossar Landwirtschaft (EN-EN)

Agricultural Terminology (Wikipedia) – Landwirtschaftliche Terminologie bei Wikipedia (EN-EN)

Farm Glossary (Farm School, Knox County, Ohio) – Glossar Landwirtschaft (EN-EN)

A Glossary of (British) Farming Terms ( – Glossar (britische) Landwirtschaft (EN-EN)

Letham Shank Farm - Common terms used in Agriculture and the Countryside ( – Gebrächliche Begriffe in der britischen Landwirtschaft (EN-EN)

Sustainable Agriculture: Definitions and Terms. Related Terms (USDA - United States Department of Agriculture / National Agricultural Library) – Glossar nachhaltige Landwirtschaft (EN-EN)

Glossary of Alternative Farming Production and Marketing Terms (University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture) – Glossar alternative Landwirtschaft - PDF-Datei (EN-EN)

Glossary Alternative Agriculture (National Academic Press, – Glossar alternative Landwirtschaft (EN-EN)

Covering agriculture: Glossary of terms, concepts (National Center for Business Journalism) – Glossar für die Berichterstattung über Landwirtschaft im Bereich Wirtschaftsjournalismus (EN-EN)

FAO Term Portal (FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) – Termbank der FAO (multi) (EN-EN, AR, ZH, FR, RU, ES)

The FAO Glossary on Organic Agriculture (FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) – Glossar Biolandwirtschaft (keine deutsche Version) (EN-EN, AR, ZH, FR, ES)

Glossary of Terms in Soil Science (Government of Canada / Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada) – Glossar Bodenkunde (EN-EN)

Glossary of Soil-related Terms (Cranfield University / – Bodenkundliches Glossar - PDF-Datei (EN-EN)

Dairy Dictionary (Dairy Council of Utah & Nevada) – Glossar Milchproduktion / Milchwirtschaft (EN-EN)

Dairy Dictionary (DairyGood, – Glossar Milchproduktion / Milchwirtschaft (EN-EN)

Glossary of Pest Management Terms (University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources / Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program) – Glossar Schädlingsbekämpfung und Pflanzenschutz (EN-EN)

Glossary of Pesticide Terminology (The University of Arizona, Tucson) – Pestizid-Glossar / Schädlingsbekämpfungsmittel - PDF-Datei (EN-EN)

Glossary of Terminology Relating to Pesticides (IUPAC Recommendations 2006, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, – IUPAC Pestizid-Glossar - PDF-Datei (EN-EN)

Glossary of Agricultural Biotechnology Terms (USDA - United States Department of Agriculture) – Glossar landwirschaftliche Biotechnologie (EN-EN)


Architecture / Civil Engineering / Urban Planning / Protection of Historical Monuments
Architektur / Bau / Städtebau / Denkmalschutz

Construction Glossary ( (EN-EN)

Glossary of Commercial Construction Industry Terminology ( – Terminologie der kommerziellen Baubranche (EN-EN)

UNESCO: Glossary of World Heritage Terms (1996) – A Glossary of Terms relating to the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention (EN-EN)

The Urban Conservation Glossary – Glossar städtebaulicher Denkmalschutz (Neil Grieve) (EN-EN)

Great Buildings Collection (The Architecture Week) (EN-EN)


Arms / Military
Waffen / Militär

Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms – US Department of Defense, PDF-File (EN-EN)

Illustrated Firearms Dictionary (Morris L. Hallowell IV, Hallowell & Co) – Wörterbuch Schusswaffen (EN-EN)


Arts / Art History / Literature / Performing Arts / Theatre
Kunst / Kunstgeschichte / Literatur / Darstellende Kunst / Theater – Art Dictionary (EN-EN)

Glossary of art terms (TATE) (EN-EN)

Free Art Dictionary – Artist Resources (EN-EN)

Art & Architecture Thesaurus Online – The Getty Research Institute (EN-EN)

Glossary of Art Terms (MoMA - Museum of Modern Art, – Kunstglossar (EN-EN)

Art Glossary of Terms (The Art History Archive, – Kunstglossar (EN-EN)

Dictionary of Art Historians ( – Lexikon der Kunsthistoriker (EN-EN)

Mythology Dicitionary ( – Mythologie-Wörterbuch (EN-EN)

A Glossary of Literary Terms (M. H. Abrahams, 7th Ed., Cornell University, 1999) – Glossar der literarischen Begriffe / Literatur-Glossar - PDF-Datei (EN-EN)

Glossary of Literary Terms - Drama, Fiction, Poetry (Robert DiYanni, McGraw-Hill Online Learning Center) – Glossar Begriffe der Literaturwissenschaft - Drama, Prosa, Lyrik (EN-EN)

Backstage - Glossary of Theatre Terms (Tupelo Community Theatre, – Begriffe rund um das Theater (EN-EN)

Drama Glossary (Art Online, Ministry of Education, New Zealand) – Theater Glossar (EN-EN)

Online Ballet Dictionary (American Ballet Theatre, – Online-Wörterbuch Ballett (EN-EN) - Glossary of Technical Theatre Terms – Glossar Theatertechnik (EN-EN)


Automotive Industry / Railway / Aviation / Aeronautics / Nautics / Transport / Traffic
Auto / Bahn / Luftfahrt / Nautik / Postwesen / Transport / Verkehr

Dictionary of Automotive Terms - Illustrated glossary for automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, and motors (Motor Era, – Wörterbuch Fahrzeugtechnik (Autos, Motorräder, Fahrräder, Motoren) (EN-EN)

Automotive Glossary - Diesel Engines, Fuels and Emissions (DieselNet) – Automobil-Glossar Diesel-Motoren und Kraftstoffe (EN-EN)

Alphabetical Glossary of Automotive Terms ( – Automobilbegriffe von A-Z (EN-EN)

Glossary of Automotive Terms ( – Glossar mit Begriffen aus dem Automobilbereich (EN-EN)

Automotive terms glossary ( – Automobiltechnische Terminologie (EN-EN)

Dictionary of Automotive Terms ( – Wörterbuch Automobiltechnik (EN-EN)

Glossary of Automotive Terms (Government of Canada) – Automobil-Glossar der kanadischen Regierung (EN-EN)

Understanding Audi Glossary (Audi UK) – Audi-Glossar (EN-EN)

Pirelli Tyre Glossary ( – Pirelli Reifen-Glossar (EN-EN)

Tyre Symbols Guide ( – Symbole der Reifenkennzeichnung (EN-EN)

EU Tyre Labelling Glossary ( – Glossar EU-Reifenkennzeichnung (EN-EN)

Tyre Labelling Glossary ( – Glossar Reifenkennzeichnung (EN-EN)

Glossary of Railway Operation and Control (Jörn Pachl, – Glossar der Systemtechnik des Schienenverkehrs (EN-EN)

Aviation Terms - A comprehensive directory of terms used in the aviation industry ( – Begriffe aus der Luftfahrtindustrie (EN-EN)

AvSpeak - A Glossary of Aviation Terms and Abbreviations ( – Luftfahrt-Glossar (EN-EN)

Glossary of Aviation, Aerospace, and Aeronautics (Wiktionary) – Luft- und Raumfahrtglossar (EN-EN)

Avionics Glossary (Doug Lea, OSWEGO, New York) – Glossar Luftfahrtelektronik/Bordelektronik (EN-EN)

Aviation glossaries (Flightsim Aviation Zone) – Luftfahrt-Glossare (EN-EN)

Ship Stability - Introduction to Hydrostatics and Stability of Surface Ships - Schiffsstabilität (Soumya Chakraborty, – Einführung in die Hydrostatik und Stabilität von Überwasserschiffen (EN-EN)

Merchant Seafaring Occupations (MUN - Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada / MHA - Maritime History Archive, 2011) – Glossar der historischen Berufe in der Handelsschifffahrt (EN-EN)

Vessels and Voyages (MUN - Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada / MHA - Maritime History Archive, 2011) – Historisches Schifffahrt-Glossar (EN-EN)


Biology / Botany / Biotech
Biologie / Botanik / Biotech

FAO Glossary of Biotechnology for Food and Agriculture (FAO - Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations) – Glossar Biotechnologie für Nahrungsmittel und Landwirtschaft (EN-EN, AR, ZH, FR, RU, ES)

Botanical Dictionary (Plant Information Center, University of North Carolina) – Botanisches Wörterbuch (EN/LA-EN)

Botanary - the Botanical Dictionary (Dave's Garden) – Botanisches Wörterbuch (EN/LA-EN)

Botanical Dictionary (Mrs. M. Grieve, A Mordern Herbal, – Botanisches Wörterbuch (EN-EN)

B & T World Seeds - Botanical Glossary ( – Botanisches Glossar (EN-EN)

A glossary of botanical terminology (MUN - Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada / MHA - Maritime History Archive, 2011) – Glossar der botanischen Terminologie - PDF-Datei (EN-EN)

Common Forest Plants of Northwestern Ontario Glossary/Terminology ( – Glossar mit Pflanzen, die im Nordwesten Ontarios verbreitet sind (EN-EN)

Glossary of Agricultural Biotechnology Terms (USDA - United States Department of Agriculture) – Glossar landwirschaftliche Biotechnologie (EN-EN)


Book Trade / Antiquarian Books
Buchhandel / Antiquariat

AbeBooks' Glossary of Book Terms - Glossary designed to understand unfamiliar book-related terms ( – Bücher-Glossar (EN-EN)

IOBA Book Terminology (IOBA - Independent Online Booksellers Association) – Buchhändler-Terminologie (EN-EN)



BASF - Chemistry Glossary – Explanatory notes on specific terms that are often associated with BASF / Chemie-Glossar - Alternative Link (EN-EN)

Adhesives Glossary (Claus Kröger, (EN-EN)


Cosmetics / Perfume
Kosmetik / Parfüm

Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary (Paula's Choice Skincare, – Inhaltsstoffe in der Kosmetik (EN-EN)


Economics / Banking / Trade / Commerce / Finance / Taxes
Wirtschaft / Banken / Handel / Finanzen / Steuern

Economics Glossary ( – Glossary of Economics Terms (EN-EN)

A Glossary of Political Economy Terms (Dr. Paul M. Johnson, Auburn University) – Glossar politische Ökonomie (EN-EN)

Center for Futures Education, Inc. – Futures & Options Glossary (EN-EN) – Financial Dictionary (EN-EN)

BASF Financial Glossary – Finanzglossar (EN-EN)

Financial Dictionary ( – Wörterbuch Finanzen (EN-EN)

Forbes Financial Glossary – Forbes Finanzglossar (EN-EN)

Glossary of terms used in payments and settlement systems (BIS Bank for international settlements) – Glossar für Begriffe, die in Zahlungs- und Verrechnungssystemen verwendet werden (BIZ - Bank für Internationalen Zahlungsausgleich) (EN-EN)

Dictionary of Banking Terms and Phrases (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency / U.S. Department of the Treasury, – Glossar Bankwirtschaft (EN-EN)

Banker's Glossary (American Banker, – Bank-Glossar (EN-EN)

Banking Glossary (Scotiabank) – Glossar Banking (EN-EN)

Dictionary of Banking (UBS, – Banking-Wörterbuch (EN-EN)

InvestorWords - The Most Comprehensive Investing Glossary on the Web ( – Glossar Investmentbanking (EN-EN)

InvestorGuide Glossary - Subjects: Accounting, Banking, Business, Economy, Futures, Stocks, Taxes, etc. ( – Glossar Buchhaltung, Banking, Wirtschaft, Aktien, Steuern, Termingeschäfte etc. (EN-EN)

Banking glossary (Merrill Lynch / Bank of America Corporation) – Glossar Bankwesen (EN-EN)

Glossary of Canadian Banking Terms (HSBC, – Kanadische Banking-Begriffe (EN-EN)

Banking Terms (Investopedia) – Banking-Begriffe (EN-EN)

Glossary of Banking Terms ( – Glossar mit Banking-Begriffen (EN-EN)

Nasdaq Glossary of Stock Market Terms ( – Glossar Börse und Aktienmarkt (EN-EN)

Futures Industry Glossary (CME Group, – Glossar Termingeschäfte (EN-EN)

Glossary - Definitions of Selected Futures Terms (University of Arizone, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences) – Glossar Termingeschäfte (EN-EN)

Accounting Dictionary ( – Wörterbuch Buchhaltung/Rechnungswesen (EN-EN)

A Finance and Accounting Glossary for the Non-Financial Manager ( – Glossar Finanzen und Buchhaltung (EN-EN)

A-Z glossary of financial terms ( – Glossar Finanzen (EN-EN)

Barkley's Comprehensive Financial Glossary ( – Glossar Finanzen (EN-EN)

Hypertextual Finance Glossary (Campbell R. Harvey) – Glossar Finanzen (EN-EN)

Finance Reporting: Glossary and Acronyms (utmb Health - The University of Texas Medical Branch) – Glossar Finanzberichterstattung / Rechnungslegung (EN-EN)

Trading Glossary ( – Glossar Handel (EN-EN)

Glossary on Trade Financing Terms of the International Trade Centre (ITC) – Glossar Handelsfinanzierung des Internationalen Handelszentrums (International Trade Centre, ITC) (EN, FR, ES)

An informal press guide to 'WTO speak' (World Trade Organization, – Glossar zum WTO-Jargon (EN-EN)

The Language and Benefits of Trade (2013,, BRT - Business Round Table) – Handelslexikon (EN-EN)

A glossary of trade terms ( – Glossar Handel (EN-EN)

Deardorffs' Glossary of International Economics (Alan V. Deardorff / University of Michigan) – Glossar International Economics / Außenwirtschaftstheorie (EN-EN)

Understanding Taxes - Glossery (IRS - Internal Revenue Service, USA) (EN-EN)

IRS - Internal Revenue Service - Tax Glossary (United States Department of Treasury) – Steuerglossar (EN-EN)


Education / Training / Employment / Jobs
Bildung / Ausbildung / Beschäftigung / Berufe

Glossary of Education Terms (Wikipedia) (EN-EN)

Glossary of Education Terms (EdSource) (EN-EN)

South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) - Glossary of Terms (EN-EN)

Terminology of European Education and Training Policy (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training Europe, CEDEFOP) – PDF-Datei (multi)

Glossary of Vocational Training and Education (VOCEDplus / NCVER, Australia) (EN-EN)

Vocational Education and Training Glossary (OECD) – PDF-Datei, S. 107-113 (EN-EN)

TVETipedia Glossary (UNESCO/UNEVOC) – Glossary of Terms commonly used globally in the area of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EN-EN)

The TVET Glossary of Terms (TESDA, Philippines) – PDF-Datei (EN-EN)

Employment Terms (, Maine, USA) (EN-EN)

Glossary of Employment Terms (Citizens Information, Ireland) (EN-EN)

Glossary of Employment Terms (South Gloucestershire Council, UK) – PDF-Datei (EN-EN)

Career Education Glossary (QuinStreet, – Berufsberatungsglossar (EN-EN)

Glossary of Career Terms (NHS - Health Education England, – Glossar Berufsberatung (EN-EN)

Career and College Readiness Glossary (Minnesota State Colleges & Universities) – Glossar Hochschule und Berufsbildung (EN-EN)

Glossary of Career Development Terms ( – Glossar berufliche Entwicklung / Karriereentwicklung - PDF-Datei (EN-EN)

Job-Seeker’s Glossary of Key Job-Hunting, Career, Job-Search, and Employment Terms ( – Glossar Berufswahl, Karriere, Beschäftigung (EN-EN)


Environment / Energy
Umwelt / Energie

Glossary of Energy Terms (Electro Industries Inc.) – Glossar Energiewirtschaft (EN-EN)

Energy Glossary - Important terms of the energy sector (natGAS, – Energie-Glossar (EN-EN)

Siemens Energy Glossary ( – Kleines Energie-Glossar von Siemens (UK) (EN-EN)

European Nuclear Society - Glossary of Nuclear Terms (Winfried Koelzer, 2013, – (also available for download as PDF) (EN-EN)

Wind Energy/Wind Power Wiki (Danish Wind Industry Association) – Windenergie-/Windkraft-Wiki (EN-EN)

Solar Lexicon ( (EN-EN)

A Student's Guide to Global Climate Change (EPA - United States Environment Protection Agency) Glossar zum Klimwandel (EN-EN)

Glossary of Recycling & Solid Waste (State of Connecticut - Department of Energy & Environmental Protection) – Glossar Recycling und Feststoffabfall (EN-EN)

Glossary of Recycling & Solid Waste (Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality) – Glossar Recycling und Feststoffabfall (EN-EN)

EPA glossary (United States Environmental Protection Agency, Terminology Services) – Glossar der Umweltschutzbehörde der Vereinigten Staaten (EPA) (EN-EN)

EPA's Report on the Environment Glossary (EPA - United States Environment Protection Agency) – Glossar zum ROE-Umweltbericht der EPA (EN-EN)

Rethinking Recycling glossary (SWMCB - Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board) – Abfall/Recycling-Glossar (EN-EN)

Recycle Nation - Green Glossary – Umwelt/Recycling-Glossar (EN-EN)

A Visual Glossary of Ocean Terminology (, The Pew Charitable Trusts) – Glossar Meeresschutz (EN-EN)


European Union
Europäische Union

EU ABC (2004) – Begriffe der Europäischen Union (Glossar) (multi)

EU Budget Terminology – EU-Haushalt (Glossar) (multi)

EU Customs Glossary – EU Zoll (Glossar) (multi)

European Judicial Network (EJN) Glossary (European Commission) – Civil and commercial law glossary (Europäisches Justizielles Netz für Zivil- und Handelssachen / Europäische Kommission) (multi)

Justice Glossary (European Commission) – Justiz-Glossar (Europäische Kommission) (EN-EN)

EURYDICE/EURYPEDIA – The European Encyclopedia on National Education Systems / Nationale Bildungssysteme (multi)

EU Regional Policy Glossary - Inforegio – EU Regionalpolitik (multi)

Glossary of terms related to the Common Agricultural Policy (European Commission / Agriculture and Rural Development) – Landwirtschaft und ländliche Entwicklung (multi)

EU CosIng – Cosmetic Ingredients European Commission Database (multi)

Glossary and Acronyms related to cosmetics legislation (European Commission) – Glossar und Akronyme bzgl. Rechtsvorschriften für Kosmetika (Europäische Kommission) - PDF-Datei (EN-EN)


Film / Camera Technology
Film / Kameratechnik

Movie Terminology Glossary ( / The Internet Movie Database) (EN-EN)


Fire Protection / Safety / Rescue Service
Brandschutz / Sicherheit / Rettungsdienst

Glossary of Firefighting (Wikipedia) – Glossar Brandbekämpfung (EN-EN)

Glossary of Wildfire Terms (Wikipedia) – Glossar zu Lauffeuern (EN-EN)

Glossary of Firefighting Equipment (Wikipedia) – Glossar Brandbekämpfungsausrüstung (EN-EN)

Basic Glossary of Firefighting and Rescue Terms ( – Grundlegende Begriffe der Brandbekämpfung und des Rettungsdiensts (EN-EN)

MaumelleFire's Firefighting Glossary ( – Feuerwehr-Glossar von MaumelleFire (EN-EN)

Siemens Glossary of Industrial Security Terms ( – Glossar industrielle Sicherheit (EN-EN)


Food / Catering / Brewing / Viniculture / Viticulture / Oenology
Lebensmittel / Gastronomie / Brauen / Weinbau / Önologie

Food Lover's Glossary of Culinary Terms ( (EN-EN)

Culinary Dictionary (What's Cooking America) – Kulinarisches Wörterbuch (EN-EN)

Culinary Dictionary - Cooking Glossary - Food Industry Terminology (Theodora's recipies, – Kulinarisches Wörterbuch (EN-EN)

Glossary of Cooking Terms (Alpha Nu Omega Cookery / University of Minnesota) – Glossar Kochen (EN-EN)

Food Dictionary (SOS Cuisine, – Wörterbuch Lebesmittel/Nahrungsmittel (EN-EN)

Glossary of Basic Cuts of Steak (Culinary Cafe, – Steak-Glossar (EN-EN)

French A-Z Food Dictionary ( – Wörterbuch der franzöischen Küche (FR-EN)

French-English Food Glossary (Patricia Wells, – Englisch-französisches Küchen-Glossar (FR-EN)

French Food Glossary - Navigate French menus and cookbooks with confidence and ease ( – Glossar der franzöischen Küche (FR-EN)

Italian Food Glossary - Navigate Italian markets and menus with confidence and ease ( – Glossar der italienischen Küche (IT-EN)

South African Cuisine - Glossary of Terms ( – Glossar der südafrikanischen Küche (EN-EN)

Ethnic Food Glossar (Alternative Hawaii, – Glossar asiatische, karibische, pazifische Küche (EN-EN)

Filipino cuisine/food glossary (SEAsite) – Glossar der philippinischen Küche (EN-EN)

Indonesian Ingredients Glossary ( – Glossar der indonesischen Zutaten (EN-EN)

Foods - Japanese Vocabulary - Japanese Audio Phrasebook ( – Kleines kulinarische Glossar zur japanischen Küche (EN-EN)

Glossary of Japanese foods and related items ( – Glossar japanischer Lebensmittel (EN-EN)

Sushi Vocabulary ( – Glossar japanischer Fisch und Meeresfrüchte (EN-EN)

Fish & Seafood Glossary (The Nibble, – Glossar Fisch und Meeresfrüchte (EN-EN)

Seafood Glossary - Common terms for commercial fishing, aquaculture, seafood processing, and buying ( – Glossar Meeresfrüchte (EN-EN)

Glossary of seafood terms (Good Catch, – Glossar Meeresfrüchte (EN-EN)

Sustainable Seafood Glossary of Terms (Ocean Portal, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History) – Glossar nachhaltiges Fischen und Meeresfrüchte (EN-EN)

Glossary of Seafood Terms from Seafood Handbook ( – Glossar Meeresfrüchte (EN-EN)

Home Cooking Glossary of Cooking and Food Recipes from A to Z - Recipes and Food Articles ( – Rezepte und Artikel zu Lebensmitteln (EN-EN)

A Wine Taster's Glossary (Barbara Ensrud, – Englisches Wein-Glossar (EN-EN)

Wine Enthusiast - Glossary of Wine Terms ( – Wein-Glossar (EN-EN)

Glossary of wine terms (Wikipedia) – Wein-Glossar (EN-EN)

Learn Wine - Wine Glossary (Wine Spectator / – Wein-Glossar (EN-EN)

Glossary of Wine Terminology (WineSchool, – Wein-Terminologie (EN-EN)

Wine Education: Wine Glossary ( – Wein-Glossar (EN-EN)

The Wine Cellar Insider: Wine Glossary of Terms, Wine Dictionary, Wine Definitions, Wine Words ( – Wein-Wörterbuch (EN-EN)

A Glossary of Wine Terms ( – Wein-Glossar (EN-EN)

Wine Glossary ( – Wein-Glossar (EN-EN)

BeerTutor - Beer Glossary – Bier-Glossar (EN-EN)


Geography / Geology / Mining / Minerals
Geografie / Geologie / Bergbau / Mineralien

Dictionary of Mining, Mineral and Related Terms ( – Wörterbuch Bergbau, Mineralien und verwandte Begriffe (EN-EN)

Glossary of Caving Terms (Gary K. Smith, 1998) – Glossar Höhlenforschung / Höhlenklettern (EN-EN)

Glossary of Speleological and Caving Terms (Australian Speleological Federation Inc., 2002) – Glossar Speläologie und Höhlenklettern (EN-EN)



History Dictionary (Emerson Kent) – Lexikon Geschichte (EN-EN)

A Dictionary of London (BHO - British History Online) – Lexikon der Geschichte Londons (EN-EN)

European History Glossary ( – Glossar Geschichte (EN-EN)


Human Resources / Management
Personalwesen / Management

Catalyst Consulting – Glossary of Management Terms (EN-EN)

ASQ - QM Glossary – Quality Management Terms Glossary (EN-EN)

Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ) - Glossary of Management Terms – Glossar Management (EN-EN)

Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ) - Glossar of HR Terms – Glossar Personalwesen (EN-EN)


Hydrology / Water Management
Hydrologie / Wasserwirtschaft

Water Glossary - Hydrology, Watermanagement (Lenntech, Water Treatment Solutions) – Glossar Hydrologie, Wasserwirtschaft, Wasseraufbereitung (EN-EN, multi)

Glossary of Water Resource Terms (Edwards Aquifer Website) – Wasserwirtschaft / Water Management (EN-EN)


Information Technology (IT) / Computers / SAP / Internet / Data Protection
Information Technology / IT / Computer / SAP / Internet / Datenschutz

SAP-Library Glossary – SAP-specific technical and business terms and their definitions (EN-EN, DE-DE)

Gartner IT Glossary (EN-EN)

IT terms / IT enclopedia ( / TechTarget) – Defines thousands of information technology terms (EN-EN)

Life Sciences IT Infrastructure: hardware & software glossary & taxonomy ( (EN-EN)

FOLDOC – Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (EN-EN)

Glossary of IT Terms with Links (A. B. Cryer) (EN-EN)

Oracle Java Glossary ( (EN-EN)

The Oracle FAQ: Glossary of Oracle Terms ( – Glossar Oracle-Begriffe (EN-EN)

W3C Glossary and Dictionary (EN-EN)

Techopedia Computer Dictionary (EN-EN)

TechWeb's TechEncyclopedia of computer terms (EN-EN) Computer Dictionary (EN-EN) – Internet Terminology (EN-EN)

Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia (Brent Baccala) (EN-EN)

Glossary of Internet Terms ( – Fachglossar Internet (EN-EN)

List of Computer Networking terms, acronyms and abbreviations ( – Netzwerktechnik-Glossar (EN-EN)

The Website Hosting Glossary ( – Webhosting-Glossar (EN-EN)

Facebook Glossary ( – Glossar zu Facebook (EN-EN)

The Bloggers' Glossary (Daniel Scocco, – Blogger-Glossar (EN-EN)

Twitter Dictionary - explanations of various Twitter related words ( – Twitter-Wörterbuch (EN-EN)

Twitterspeak (Pete Cashmore, Mashable, 2008) – Englische Twitter-Begriffe (EN-EN)

Twitter Glossary: Twitter Lingo Explained for the Utterly Confused ( – Twitter-Glossar (EN-EN)

An Extensive Glossary of Big Data Terminology ( – Big Data-Glossar (EN-EN)

Big Data Glossary (Tsahi Levent-Levi) – Big Data-Glossar (EN-EN)

Microsoft-Glossary: Malware, Viruses, Adware, Worms, Spyware, Trojans etc. (Microsoft Malware Protection Center, – Malware-Glossar von Microsoft (EN-EN)

The Data Recovery Glossary ( – Glossar Datenwiederherstellung/ Datenrettung (EN-EN)

Cyber Security Glossary (Heimdal Security) – Glossar Internetsicherheit (EN-EN)

EDPS Data Protection Glossary (EDPS - European Data Protection Supervisor) – EDPS-Datenschutzglossar (EDPS - Der Europäische Datenschutzbeauftragte) (EN-EN)

Compilation of Software Engineering Terms ( / IEEE) – Glossar Softwareentwicklung/Softwaretechnik (EN-EN)

P2P Glossary - A reference tool for bittorrents and other peer-to-peer data transfer ( – Peer-to-peer-Glossar (EN-EN)

A glossary of peer-to-peer (Will Garside, – Peer-to-peer-Glossar (EN-EN)

Microsoft® Xbox® Glossary ( – Xbox-Glossar (EN-EN)


Insurance Industry

Glossary of Insurance Terms (A.M. Best Rating Services, – Glossar Versicherungsbegriffe (EN-EN)

Glossary of Insurance Terms (NAIC - National Association of Insurance Commissioners, – Glossar Versicherungsbegriffe (EN-EN)

Glossary of Insurance Terms (Insurance Information Institute, – Glossar Versicherungsbegriffe (EN-EN)

Insurance Glossary ( – Glossar Versicherungen (EN-EN)

IRMI - Glossary of Insurance and Risk Management Terms ( – Glossar Versicherungen und Risikomanagement (EN-EN)

Jargon Buster - Jargon in the insurance industry (BIBA - British Insurance Brokers' Association, – Jargon im Versicherungswesen (EN-EN)

Lloyd's Glossary of insurance related terms ( – Glossar zu Begriffen im Zusammenhang mit Versicherungen (EN-EN)

Key Insurance Terms ( – Schlüsselbegriffe Versicherungswesen (EN-EN)

Insurance Terms (Polska Izba Ubezpieczen - The Polish Insurance Association) – Glossar der Versicherungswirtschaft (EN-EN, PL-PL)

Insurance Glossary ( – Glossar Versicherungen (EN-EN)

Health Insurance Glossary - Definition of Health Insurance Terms (Group Benefits, Inc.) – Glossar Krankenversicherung (EN-EN)


Recht – Legal Dictionary (EN-EN)

Legal Dictionary ( – Wörterbuch Recht (EN-EN)

The Legal Glossary ( – Rechtsglossar (EN-EN)

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) - Glossary: Key terms related to intellectual property and genetic resources, traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions ( – Glossar geistiges Eigentumsrecht (EN-EN)


Library Science / Archive Studies / Bookbinding
Bibliothekswissenschaften / Archivwesen / Buchbinderei

Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books - A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology ( – Glossar Buchbinderei und Buchkonservierung (EN-EN)

Book conservation glossary (CoOL - Conservation OnLine, 2004) – Glossar Bestandserhaltung (EN-EN)

Preservation and Access Technology - The Relationship Between Digital and Other Media Conversion Processes: A Structured Glossary of Technical Terms (CoOL - Conservation OnLine / M. Stuart Lynn and The Technology Assessment Advisory Committee to the Commission on Preservation and Access, August 1990) – Glossar Medien-Konservierung (EN-EN)

Video Preservation: Glossary of Terms (CoOL - Conservation OnLine / BAVC - Bay Area Video Coalition, Rebecca Bachman, Walker Art Center Archives, 1996) – Archivierung von Videos (EN-EN)

Glossary of Terms Relating to Photo Albums (CoOL - Conservation OnLine / Horton, Richard. "Glossary of terms relating to photo albums." In: Conservation of Scrapbooks and Albums. Postprints of the Book and Paper Group and Photographic Materials Group Joint Session at the 27th Annual Meeting of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works. June 11,1999. St. Louis, Missouri, 21-28. Washington: AIC, 2000. Annotated by Weissman Preservation Center Conservators, January 19, 2011) – Glossar zur Konservierung von Fotoalben - PDF-Datei (EN-EN)

Glossary of the areas of library and information science and databases (EPA - United States Environment Protection Agency / HERO: Health and Environmental Research Online) – Glossar Bibliotheks- und Informationswissenschaft (EN-EN)


Marketing / Event Management / SEO
Marketing / Eventmanagement / SEO

Marketing Dictionary (Monash University) – Comprehensive glossary of marketing terms (EN-EN)

Marketing Glossary - Marketing Terms and Definitions ( (EN-EN)

Marketing Terms ( (EN-EN)

The Internet Marketing Glossary (Crucial Marketing) (EN-EN)

SEO-Glossary - The Search Engine Marketing Glossary ( – Glossar Suchmaschinenmarketing (SEM) (EN-EN)

Glossary of Competitive Strategy Terms (Customer Value Inc.) – Competitive Marketing Strategies (EN-EN)

Marketing Terms and Definitions ( – Marketing: Begriffe und Definitionen(EN-EN)

The Channel Professional - A Marketing Glossary ( – Glossar Marketing (EN-EN)

Brand Glossary (Interbrand / Paola Norambuena, – Marken-Glossar (EN-EN)

Brand Glossary: The Meaning is in the words (StealingShare, – Marken-Glossar (EN-EN)

A glossary of terms used in Brand Management ( – Glossar Markenfürung / Markenmanagement (EN-EN)

Branding Glossary (GK Brand Inc., – Glossar Markenfürung / Markenentwicklung (EN-EN)



MathPro Press – On-line Mathematics Dictionary (EN-EN)

List of Online Mathematics Dictionaries (MathPro Press) (EN-EN)


Medicine / Health / Care / Psychology / Psychiatry / Dentistry
Medizin / Gesundheit / Pflege / Psychologie / Psychiatrie / Zahnmedizin

mediLexicon – Online medical dictionary powered by Stedman's (EN-EN)

Medical Dictionary ( – "The Medical Dictionary has descriptions for various medical terms, pharmaceutical drugs, health conditions, healthcare equipment, and medical devices" (EN-EN)

MedTerms – Medical Terms Glossary ( (EN-EN)

Multilingual Medical Dictionary ( (multi)

Medline Plus – Medical Encyclopedia (EN-EN)

Medical Terms – Multilingual Medical Terms Glossary (multi)

Medical Dictionary, Medical Terminology ( – Medizinisches Wörterbuch (EN-EN)

Medical Dictionary ( – Medizinisches Wörterbuch (EN-EN)

Clinical Terminology Dictionary for Beginning - International and U.S. Health Care Providers ( – Klinische Terminologie für internationale und US-Studenten (EN-EN)

Medical terms for Health Care Professionals ( – Medizinische Fachbegriffe für Fachkräfte im Gesundheitswesen (EN-EN)

Glossary of Urological Terms ( – Glossar urologischer Begriffe (EN-EN)

Glossary of Osteopathic Terminology ( – Glossar der osteopathischen Terminologie - PDF-Datei (EN-EN)

Glossary European Patients' Academy (EUPATI) (EN-EN)

A Glossary of Freudian Terms ( – Glossar freudianischer Begriffe (EN-EN)



OnMusic Dictionary – Musikwörterbuch (EN-EN, multi)

Recorder Glossary – Blockflöten-Glossar (EN-EN)

Drum Glossary - Definitions for Drums and Percussion ( – Glossar Schlagzeug und Percussion (EN-EN)

The Glossary of World Percussion Instruments (2012, Neel Kant Agrawal, – Glossar Percussion in der Weltmusik (EN-EN)

Glossary of Folk Musical Instruments & Styles from Around the World (Pete McClelland, Hobgoblin Music, – Glossar über volkstümliche Instrumente aus der ganzen Welt (EN-EN)

Glossary of Musical Instruments & Styles (2006, – Glossar ungewöhnlicher Musikinstrumente und -stile (EN-EN)

Glossary of Synthesizer Terms ( – Synthesizer-Glossar (EN-EN)

Music Industry Glossary ( – Glossar Musikindustrie (EN-EN)

Music business glossary - terminology and jargon, meanings and definitions ( – Glossar Musikindustrie (EN-EN)

Common Terms in the Music Business ( – Gängige Begriffe im Musikgeschäft (EN-EN)

Music Industry Glossary (Scott Hervey and Patrick Olguin, – Glossar Musikindustrie (EN-EN)


Pharamaceutics / Medicaments / Drugs
Pharmazeutik / Medikamente / Arzneimittel

Vetter Glossary - Pharmaceutical development and manufacturing glossary - abbreviations ( – Glossar für pharmazeutische Entwicklung und Herstellung - Abkürzungen (EN-EN)

Medicinal Chemistry Glossary ( – Glossar Arzneimittelchemie / medizinische Chemie (EN-EN)



The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (James Fieser, Ph.D. & Bradley Dowden, Ph.D., University of Tennessee) – A Peer-Reviewed Academic Resource (EN-EN)

Encyclopedia Mythica ( – Encyclopedia of mythology, folkore and legend (EN-EN)

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy – Each entry is maintained and kept up to date by an expert or group of experts in the field (EN-EN)

Martin Heidegger - Glossary of Terms in "Being and Time" (Roderick Munday, – Glossar zu Begriffen aus Heideggers "Sein und Zeit" (EN-EN)



Glossary of the International Tracing Service (ITS) - Nazi persecution, forced labour and the Holocaust – Glossar des Internationalen Suchdiensts in Bad Arolsen (EN-EN)

A Glossary of Political Economy Terms (Dr. Paul M. Johnson, Auburn University) – Glossar politische Ökonomie (EN-EN)

A Glossary of Terms and Concepts in Peace and Conflict Studies, 2nd Edition (Christopher E. Miller / Mary E. King, University for Peace, 2005) – Glossar Friedens- und Konfliktforschung - PDF-Datei (EN-EN)

An informal press guide to 'WTO speak' (World Trade Organization, – Glossar zum WTO-Jargon (EN-EN)

Post-election glossary, from 'alt-right' to 'fake news' (Emanuella Grinberg, CNN, 17 November 2016) – Glossar mit Begriffen, die nach der US-Wahl an Bedeutung gewinnen werden (EN-EN)

The 2016 Presidential Election: A Devil's Glossary (David A. Graham, The Atlantic, 1 November 2016) – Nicht ganz ernst gemeintes Glossar zum US-Wahlkampf 2016 (EN-EN)

Every Insult the Right Uses to Troll Liberals, Explained (Justin Caffier, VICE, 6 February 2017) – Erklärung von Neologismen, welche die US-amerikanische politische Rechte zur Beleidigung der Links-Liberalen erfindet (EN-EN)


Publishing / Media / Advertising / Printing / Design
Verlagswesen / Medien / Werbung / Druck / Design

Encyclopedia of Desktop Publishing and Dictionary of Terms ( – Lexikon DTP-Begriffe (EN-EN)

Graphic Design Glossary, Terms and Definitions (Creative Curio) – Glossar Grafikdesign (EN-EN)

Logo Design & Graphic Design Glossar ( – Glossar Logodesign/Grafikdesign (EN-EN)

Graphic Design Glossary (Logo Tree, – Glossar Grafikdesign (EN-EN)

A Glossary of Photoshop Terms (Bright Hub, – DTP- & Photoshop-Glossar (EN-EN)

Graphic Design & Web Design Glossary ( – Glossar Grafik- und Webdesign (EN-EN)

Encyclopedia of Desktop Publishing and Dictionary of Terms (About Tech, – DTP-Glossar (EN-EN)

Logo Design History - Famous Brands Glossary ( – Glossar Geschichte berühmter Logodesigns (EN-EN)

The Newspaper Designer's Handbook (Tim Harrower / McGraw-Hill Education) – Glossar Zeitungsdesign (EN-EN)

Glossary of Screen Printing and Filtration ( – Glossar Siebdruck und Filtertechnik (multi)

Glossary of Printing & Graphic Terms ( – Glossar Druck & Grafik (EN-EN)

Glossary of Printing Terms ( – Glossar Druck (EN-EN)

A Summary of Key Printing Terms ( – Glossar der wichtigsten Druckbegriffe (EN-EN)

The Rainwater Press Publishing Primer™ – A glossary of terms for the electronic publishing, graphic arts, and printing industries – Glossar Electronic Publishing, Grafik, Druckindustrie (EN-EN)

Glossary of Label Terms / Printing Glossary: label printing & prepress ( – Druck-Glossar Etikettendruck und Druckvorstufe (EN-EN)

Glossary of Printmaking Terms (Spencer Museum of Art, The University of Kansas) – Drucktechnik-Glossar (EN-EN)

Typgraphy Glossary ( – Typografie-Glossar (EN-EN)

Typography Terms - Typography Tutorial for Beginners: Everything You Need to Learn Typography Basics (Brittany Leaning, HubSpot) – Einführung zu Typografie-Begriffen (EN-EN)

Adobe - Glossary of typographic terms / fonts glossary ( – Typografie-Glossar von Adobe (EN-EN)

Fonts Glossary ( – Fonts-Glossar (EN-EN)

63 Digital Advertising Terms Every Marketer Should Know (Jamie Turner, – Glossar Werbung/Marketing) (EN-EN)

Ad Glossary - advertising terms, definitions and acronyms (Tube-Mogul, – Glossar Werbung (EN-EN)

Glossary of Advertising Media Terms ( – Glossar Werbemittel/-medien (EN-EN)

The IAB's Glossary of Interactive Advertising Terms ( – Glossar interaktive Werbung - PDF-Datei (EN-EN)

Google AdWords Glossary ( – AdWords-Glossar (EN-EN)

Google AdSense Glossary ( – AdSense-Glossar (EN-EN)


Real Estate / Mortgage
Immobilien / Hypotheken

Glossary of Commercial Real Estate Terms (Realtors® Commercial Alliance, – Begriffe der Immobilienwirtschaft - PDF-Datei (EN-EN)

Real Estate Terms - Definitions in plain English (Real Estate abc, – Glossar Immobilien (EN-EN)

WORK|LIFE - Real Estate Terminology (Columbia University in the City of New York) – Terminologie Immobilien (EN-EN)

Real Estate Words - The most comprehensive real estate word database online ( – Terminologische Datenbank der Immobilienbegriffe (EN-EN)

Property & Real Estate Glossary (first national Real Estate, – Immobilienglossar (EN-EN)

Mortgage Glossary ( – Glossar Hypotheken (EN-EN)



The Original Catholic Encyclopedia – An International Work Of Reference On The Constitution, Doctrine, Discipline, And History Of The Catholic Church (EN-EN)

Bible translation glossary (Innvista Library, – Glossar Bibel-Übersetzung

Bible Study Tools - Quick Reference Dictionary - A comprehensive Bible dictionary ( – Bibel-Wörterbuch (EN-EN)

King James Bible (KJV) - Bible Dictionary ( – Wörterbuch zur King-James-Bibel (EN-EN)

Cross & Crucifix glossary – Glossar zu christlichen Kreuzen und Kruzifixen (EN-EN)

Glossary of Buddhist Terms – Glossar buddhistische Begriffe (EN-EN)

Glossary of Holidays and Seasons (Bates Multifaith Chaplaincy, – Glossar (religiöse) Feiertage (EN-EN)


Sports / Games / Hobby / Free time / Leisure
Sport / Spiel / Hobby / Freizeit

Craft glossary (Terri Briseno; – Bastel-Glossar (EN-EN)

Raper's Dance Dictionary for Social Dances ( – Wörterbuch Gesellschaftstänze (EN-EN)

LOTG Glossary of soccer terms (Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada, 1998, Jim Geissman, David Graham et al.) – Fußball-Glossar (EN-EN)

Glossary of Mountaineering Terms (Southern California Backcountry Skiing, – Glossar Alpinismus/Bergsteigen (EN-EN)

The Horse Racing Glossary ( A handy reference for horse racing and parimutuel betting enthusiasts – Glossar Pferderennsport und Totalisatorwetten (EN-EN)

The Magician's Dictionary - A Dictionary of Magic Terminology ( – Glossar Zaubern und Magie (EN-EN)



ISI - International Statistical Institute – ISI Glossary of Statistical Terms (multi)


Technology / Industry / Patents
Technik / Industrie / Patente

Access Science – Scientific and technical terms (EN-EN) – Acronyms, cross-references, and abbreviations; scientific, technical, and mathematical entries; rubber industry terms; automotive and automation terms (EN-EN)

Techniklexikon Triebwerkstechnik (MTU Aero Engines) – Technical terms concerned with turbine development for the aeronautical field (EN-EN, DE-DE)

USPTO Glossary (USPTO - United States Patent and Trademark Office) – USPTO Glossar Patente (EN-EN)

USPTO Old Website Glossary (USPTO - United States Patent and Trademark Office) – USPTO Glossar Patente (alte Version) (EN-EN)

Precision Technology Glossary (Primus Präzisionstechnik) – Precision technology in building, automated furniture, food technology, agricultural engineering, automotive, medical technology, valve technology, machine building (EN-EN, DE-DE)

Hydraulics Glossary (HK Hydraulik Handelsgesellschaft mbH) (EN-EN)

Glossary of Basic Brake Technology (CruzeAutoParts) – Glossar Bremsen (EN-EN)

Gear definitions and terminology ( – Terminologie Getriebe/Zahnräder (EN-EN)

List of gear nomenclature ( – Fachausdrücke für Getriebe (EN-EN)

Design and manufacturing of gears ( – Getriebe-Konstruktion / Zahnraddesign (EN-EN)

Gear Terminology ( – Getriebe-Glossar (EN-EN)

The Illustrated Dictionary of Electronics - Consumer Electronics / Wireless Technology (Stan Gibilisco, 8th Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2001) – Wörterbuch Elektronik/Elektrotechnik, PDF-Datei (EN-EN)

Electronic Engineering Dictionary / Electrical Engineering Terms ( – Wörterbuch Elektronik (EN-EN)

Electrical Engineering Acronyms (University of Washington / Department of Electrical Engineering) – Akronyme in der Elektrotechnik (EN-EN)

Glossary of Electrical Engineering Terms ( – Glossar Elektrotechnik (EN-EN)

Glossary / Dictionary of Electronics Terms ( – Elektronik-Glossar (EN-EN)

Electronics - Terms related to electronics ( / TechTarget) - including definitions about electrical components and words and phrases about computers, laptops, parts, digital cameras, televisions and home appliances – Elektronik-Glossar (EN-EN)

The Plasma Glossary ( - Understand HDTV / plasma television jargon with this convenient glossary – Glossar HDTV/Plasma-Fernseher (EN-EN)

Brush Fiber Glossary (Carolina Brush) – Glossar Bürstenfasern (EN-EN)

Siemens Glossary of Industrial Security Terms ( – Glossar industrielle Sicherheit (EN-EN)



GSA - Telecommunications Glossary (Global Mobile Suppliers Association) – Glossar Telekommunikation (EN-EN)

Westlake - Mobile Phone Glossary – Glossar Mobiltelefonie (EN-EN)

The Cell Phone Glossary ( – Handy-Glossar (EN-EN)


Textiles / Fashion
Textilien / Mode

Textile Terms Dictionary (All Fiber Arts, – Wörterbuch Textilien (EN-EN)

Textile Glossary ( – Englisches Textilienglossar (EN-EN)

Fashion Glossary ( – Modeglossar (EN-EN)

Fabrics and textiles dictionary (Jörn Haack, – Lexikon Stoffe und Textilien (EN-EN)

Style-Glossar (EN-EN) – Style-Glossar (EN-EN)

The Sewing Dictionary - A dictionary of sewing terms and terminology you may use on your sewing journey (Donna Gettings Apperson, – Wörterbuch Nähen (EN-EN)

Artlandia - Glossary of Pattern Design ( – Glossar Mustergestaltung (EN-EN)

Shoe Glossary ( – Schuhglossar (EN-EN)

Glossary of shoe types, materials, and construction (Steve Madden, – Schuhglossar (EN-EN)

Wingtip - Glossary of shoe terms ( – Glossar Schuhe (EN-EN)


Translator Glossaries

Terminology Services Glossary (2009, EPA - United States Environment Protection Agency) – Glossar Terminologie-Management (EN-EN)

Translator Glossary - Glossary of terms used for electronic dictionaries and translators ( – Glossar der in elektronischen Wörterbüchern und Übersetzern verwendeten Fachbegriffe (EN-EN)

Transifex - Glossary for translators ( – Übersetzer-Glossar (EN-EN)


Zoology / Animals / Pets / Livestock Farming
Zoologie / Tiere / Haustiere / Tierhaltung

FishBase – Global information system on fish (multi)

AviBase – The World Bird Database (multi)

Glossary of Poultry Terms (University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Food and Environment) – Glossar Geflügel (EN-EN)

eFowl - Glossary of Poultry Term - chickens, waterfowl, turkeys & more ( – Geflügel-Glossar (EN-EN)

Poultry Glossary / Poultry Terms (Indiana State Poultry Association, – Geflügel-Glossar (EN-EN)

Glossary of Horse Terminology ( – Pferde-Terminologie (EN-EN)

Glossary of Equestrian Terms (Wikipedia) – Reiter-Glossar bei Wikipedia (EN-EN)

Equine Glossary: Horse-riding, Training and Gait Terms (Doctors Foster & Smith) – Reit- und Dressurglossar für Pferde (EN-EN)

Cowboy Glossary (Erwin E. Smith, – Cowboy-/Viehhirten-Glossar (EN-EN)

What are the names for male and female animals? ( – Bezeichnungen für männliche und weibliche Tiere (EN-EN)



Link Collections: English Specialist Glossaries and Dictionaries
Linksammlungen: Englische Fach-Glossare und -Wörterbücher

Dictionary Net – Links to glossaries and dictionaries (EN-EN, multi)

Language Automation – Links to glossaries and dictionaries by language (multi)

Library Spot – Links to glossaries and dictionaries by language (multi) - Arts/Humanities – Links to arts & humanities dictionaries (multi)

Links to Glossaries of Literary Terms ( (EN-EN)

Links to Online Linguistic Dictionaries – Dictionaries, Glossaries, Termbanks (Michael Mann) (multi)

Links to Heraldic Dictionaries and Glossaries (James P. Wolf) (EN-EN)

Links to Specialty Dictionaries ( (EN-EN)

3000+ Translation Glossaries ( (EN-EN)

English-English dictionaries and glossaries ( (EN-EN)

Useful Glossaries for Web Designers and Developers (Daved Brosche / Smashing Magazine) – Links zu Wörterbüchenr für Webdesigner & Entwickler (EN-EN)




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