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In addition to my proofreading services, editing also includes a thorough review of stylistic and formal accuracy of your German text(s) (readability, fluency, consistency, etc.). I examine and revise your text in terms of style, expression, wording, stringency, clarity, coherence, structure and organisation as well as the general compre­hen­sibility of the text.

For example, convoluted and difficult to understand run-on sentences can often be divided into shorter and more concise sentences. In addition, inappropriate colloquial phrases and unnecessary word repeti­tions will be removed or replaced.

My editing services also include the typographical optimisation of your German text. This includes the replacement of misplaced hyphens with en dashes and minus signs, the insertion of nonbreaking spaces, the deletion of super­fluous spaces, the insertion of typographically correct quotation marks, etc. Apart from that, I pay particular attention to font sizes and line spacing. My attention is also focused on seemingly negligible details, as these can occasionally affect the grading of your paper. In addition to the proper application of such formalities, it is important that these typographic rules are followed and implemented consistently.

However, my editing services do not include any detailed review of the content or the verification of any footnotes and citations (especially in case of scientific proofreading and editing). Specialised editorial offices usually offer these services. Such editing will only be carried out in exceptional cases (e.g. if the texts match my fields of study) and for an additional charge.

I am pleased to offer my support in optimising your texts and will be available by e-mail or by request on location (within Berlin). In urgent cases, I will also be available by phone outside office hours under most circumstances.


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