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I have been teaching English as a freelance instructor in adult education for more than seven years. Over the years, I have gained more than 5000 hours of teaching experience. The courses I have offered so far included 90, 120 or 240 lessons in General English or Busi­ness English of Levels A1-B2 (according to the Com­mon Euro­pean Frame­work of Re­fer­ence). Dur­ing this time, I have been able to con­stantly expand my knowledge and improve my methodology by par­tici­pating in continuing education programmes, long years of teaching experience and con­tinu­ous self-study.

My classes are normally com­posed of 9-12 par­tici­pants. However, I also offer instruction in small groups or private tuition.

The number and fre­quen­cy of lessons, the place­ment of the par­tici­pants (A1-B2), the selection of text­books, the structure and com­po­si­tion of a course, the cur­ricu­lum / teaching objectives, prices, etc. can only be dis­cussed individually.

Schools, continuing education and training providers as well as individuals are always wel­come to con­tact me.


I have compiled some proven tips and links for my course participants (and other students) which may faciliate and or­ga­nise the lang­uage learning pro­cess (links to web­sites presenting learning strate­gies, self-study books, Internet resources, English lan­guage learning software, ref­er­ence books, in­for­ma­tion on exams and test prep­a­ra­tion, finding a lan­guage ex­change partner, etc.).

My motto: Learning English should be fun and stimulating!


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