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Fee charged ...



per line*

starting from

1 standard line = 55 characters
(incl. spaces)

per word*

starting from €0.13**

measured by the number of words

per page*

starting from €35.00**

1 page = 30 lines /
55 characters per line (incl. spaces)

* The source text is relevant for the calculation of the total price. The statistics of a Word document usually serve as the basis for the calculation of the final price.

** Additional costs arise if the text to be transl­ated is not a Word docu­ment (e.g. a PDF document, an Excel file, a printed document or a website) which has to be edited, formatted, scanned or con­verted. In addition, I add sur­charges for ur­gent trans­lations with very tight dead­lines and for work at week­ends, after hours and on pub­lic holid­ays. (see below).

In Germany, it is cus­tom­ary to cal­cu­late prices by the number of lines, but I will readily adapt to your pref­er­ences and needs.

Note: This year I am exempt from VAT according to the § 19 UStG (German Value Added Tax Act).



The following factors may in­crease the price per line:

  • The format of the source text: For the trans­lation of a text in XLS, XML, PPT or PDF file format (or the like) I charge a 10% sur­charge on the price per line. If a PDF document is easy to read by an OCR program, I will nor­mally refrain from adding a sur­charge. The cheapest, most con­venient and easiest way to have your text files trans­lated is to send them by e-mail as Word docu­ments (if possible).
  • The desired de­liv­ery date: For very urgent trans­lations I charge a sur­charge, ac­cording to the tight­ness of the dead­line and the amount of text to be trans­lated. Please note that my nor­mal work­load is at max. 6-7 stan­dard pages / 200 stan­dard lines / 2,000 words per day. If my work­load exceeds this amount of text, the price will in­crease.
  • The amount of effort in­volved and the ex­per­tise re­quired: The above prices apply for source texts which can be trans­lated without any spe­cial­ized ex­per­tise. However, if spe­ci­fic ex­pertise, re­search and/or a greater degree of crea­tivi­ty is re­quired for a suc­cess­ful trans­lation (such as in ad­vertising and mar­ket­ing texts), this may lead to an in­crease in price from 10% up to 25% (ac­cording to the dif­fi­cul­ty and amount of effort).
  • The working hours: As a matter of course, I also provide ur­gent transl­ations out­side of my office hours. Additional fees are due for work at week­ends, in the late eve­ning hours (+20%) or on pub­lic holi­days (+50%).


Terms of payment

You will receive an invoice in PDF format by e-mail (with a maturity of 14 days after the invoice issue date). An invoice by post will be sent on request.


Minimum fee

The minimum fee will be €35 for a translation that does not exceed 1 standard page (less than 30 standard lines).



Completed translations are usually sent to you by e-mail. It is also possible to deliver the completed trans­lation in other ways: by post, by fax or on data sto­rage mediums like CD-ROM, USB flash drive, etc. I will always provide a solution completely adapted to your specific needs.


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