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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also offer interpreting services?
No. I offer only written translation services. Unfortunately, I am not available for in­ter­pret­ing (oral trans­lation).

Do you also translate texts from German into English?
No. I have an excellent command of English, but I am not a na­tive En­glish speaker. As a rule, trans­lators work from a foreign language and trans­late into their na­tive tongue. Therefore, I only offer trans­lations from En­glish to Ger­man (German is my na­tive lan­guage). In case you are looking for a trans­lator who works in the other direction of trans­lation, I can refer you to an En­glish na­tive speaker if you wish.

Do you also translate technical material and medical texts?
Not really. Having previously trans­lated tech­ni­cal texts (e.g. in mechanical en­gi­neer­ing), I would like to leave this to a col­league with deeper know­ledge and ex­per­tise in these fields. You can find an over­view of my fields of ex­per­tise here: link.

What is a “standard line”?
A standard line consists of 55 char­ac­ters/key­strokes (including spaces).


What is a "standard page”?
A standard page has 1,650 char­ac­ters/key­strokes (including spaces). It consists of 30 lines per 55 char­ac­ters (including spaces).

Do you work with CAT tools?
Yes, I also work with CAT (Computer Aided/Assisted Translation) tools such as SDL Trados. If you have already created glossaries or TMX files for your texts, you are welcome to send them to me.

Can I visit you during office hours?
I work in my private home and am not set up for customer traffic. Contacting me by e-mail, phone or Skype is usually completely sufficient to discuss and meet your requirements. If you have very large documents to be translated, you can also send them to me by post (CD-ROM, DVD, USB stick). If you live in Berlin, I can also collect the data storage devices from your place. There is also the possibility to set up a cloud storage on the Internet (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox) from which I could then download all the needed data.

What would be the best way to contact you?
You can find more information about getting in touch with me here: link.


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