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Good and flawless German is of utmost importance in everyday and business life and should actually be a matter of course for all native speakers. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors as well as stylistic deficiencies are not only a nuisance, but they can also be expensive if customers are lost for this reason or – in case of a printed publication – an entire edition has to be pulped. A thesis usually has a major impact on the future career, so it should be free of typographical, spelling, grammatical and stylistic errors. It is of paramount importance that a consistent approach to typography and to the formatting of references is adopted throughout. For these reasons among others, you should invest in an orthographically correct text written in accurate German.

Definition: Korrektor

Since my early college days, I have been writing and correcting texts for magazines and websites. Moreover, I have significant experience in editing and correcting specialised texts (e.g. country reports for the Hans Böckler Foundation) as well as writing scientific books and journal articles (on political philosophy, German and English studies and social sciences).

II would be happy to offer my support and services to help you to write a correctly spelled, grammatically flawless text with a well-structured content.


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