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It would be rather difficult to calculate fixed rates per page for proofreading/editing, since the effort strongly depends on the need for corrections, and therefore final rates can differ significantly. For this reason, my rates are not calculated according to the amount of words or pages, but according to the estimated number of hours I need to complete the translation.

If you wish, I would be happy to do a one-hour sample correction of your text. This will only cost you €35. After that, I will be able to tell you exactly how much effort and time is needed, how much the final rate per page will be and how much the translation of your entire text will cost in the end. It is then down to you whether you want to accept my quotation or not.

The following amounts of pages per hour in the third column are only intended to give you an ap­prox­i­mate guideline. The applicable rates in the second column refer to the number of hours I actually need. Therefore, it can pay off for you if you have already done some pre­liminary work and not much editing and cor­rect­ing is necessary.

Type of request


Average time required (ap­prox­i­mate values)

Simple proofreading


approx. 10 pages per hour
(cor­re­sponds to about €3.50 per page*)

Proofreading of a translation from English


approx. 5 pages per hour
(cor­re­sponds to about €7.00 per page*)

Editing and proofreading


approx. 7 pages per hour
(cor­re­sponds to about €5.00 per page*)

Rates for proofreading/​editing will be charged according to the time actually re­quired (hourly rate). The indication of the average number of pages per hour is for your guidance only.

*) 1 page = 30 lines; 1 line = 55 char­ac­ters incl. spaces; 1 page = not more than
  1,650 char­ac­ters incl. spaces

**) This year I am exempt from VAT according to the § 19 UStG (German Value Added Tax Act).


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